Oud Cologne

Where Rare Himalayan Tree Amber,100% Pure OUD (an ingredient more costly than gold) and Exotic Blossoms create the world's most exclusive cologne.

Crystal Gemstones helped Vikings navigate the seas and are known to give "extraordinary abilities" Onward!

.34oz (10 ml)$125.00



Second to none, in influence, is the Vikings Scent
Beyond the humdrum of the present
The arid air of the status quo
And the bland life that most are used to
Somewhere across the vast seas is the El Dorado—
It takes only the vibrant  Vikings to break
the shackles of dullness, and set sail for a new world

This cologne bottle represents the great longship bearing
the adventurous of renowned wanderers
bringing them across the waters of the continents
It embodies and transforms
into authors and architects of their own moments

Such that each puff of the fragrance onto the body
infuses the mind with true confidence
Each release of the fragrance immediately
saturates the air with great vigor and lively ambience

Viking OUD Cologne guarantees
being clothed with commanding vibe and vibrance
Along with this wonder bottle is a companion crystal
a crystal that been charged specially to augment the aura

Like the compass with which those men of renown navigated the ocean
the gemstone gives your energy a sense of direction
such that you’re able to wield your invigorated persona
to maximum profiting and exploits

The Vikings Cologne and gems are a rare combo
that explodes the dynamite of adventure within you
and thereby imparts in you an unprecedented gusto
arming your with enthusiasm and power
to explore your immediate and distant worlds—no more barriers

Enlivens your triumphant zenith; Onward.

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